Carrot Cake Fudge

Bisbee mkt 2.jpg

We went to the farmer’s market in Bisbee AZ. It was slow but we had a good time. There are two local bakeries that bring their stuff (day old?), so that probably slowed things down for me, especially since people know them but not me. I just kept giving out samples and mostly sold the stuff people tried. I guess I’m going to have to provide samples for everything. I won’t bother to bring cinnamon rolls or cupcakes as they just weren’t moving and don’t keep. Maybe I’ll try again around the holidays but for now…. The pumpkin and banana bread sold real well though. I will do a post on those recipes on another day.

Bisbee mkt 2.jpg

Bisbee mkt 2.jpg

I made fudge but couldn’t put it out. The weather was nice but still too hot for the fudge. One of the fudges I made was Carrot Cake Fudge from Wine and Glue. I’m going to have to tweak this one. I made another one using the same basic recipe but with mango and you can’t even tell the difference. Also, it pretty much melted at room temperature.

carrot cake fudge.jpg

I’m not going to bother with the mango one (if I do mango again I’ll do it with a completely different recipe).  I will tweak the carrot cake one though.  I think I need to add more chocolate and use the melting chocolate instead of the chips. That might make it more stable at room temperature. I’m also going to try doubling the baby food and adding some finely grated carrots and maybe raisins. I will update the post when I try again.

I got pleasant surprise when I got home, a newly hatched baby turkey in the brooder.

Baby Turkey.jpg